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Equipment Rental

Quipment provides medical equipment rental with unprecedented flexibility: no duration commitment, no deposit, no penalties in case of premature study ending. You use what you need, we deliver worldwide. The equipment is where you need it, and you pay as you go.
world Easy like never before.


Training an investigator is not just about making a call and explaining procedures. For Quipment, it’s a face-to-face meeting. It’s a video conference where sites see a skilled technician and are demoed the portal tools and equipment. It’s an onsite training during the initiation visit. It’s having access to broadcasted videos on the study portal and this throughout the study. It’s being aware of the crucial do’s and don’ts which make your study successful. It’s a technician being available for the site, night and day, all year round.

24/7 Worldwide
Maintenance & Support

Quipment provides 24/7 worldwide support which ranges from an immediate video conference to shipping spare parts, from performing a rescue data collection to replacing a machine. This is standard in all rental contracts. We guaranty a continuous and smooth workflow in an all-inclusive package with no risk of budget drift and no extra costs, whatever happens. A service level never experienced before.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is a job. You can get rid of it and focus on medical analysis while still owning your equipment. Quipment will stock it, customize it, ship it and maintain it, right where you need it. At the end of the study, the equipment is refurbished for the next one. With our web-platform, it will be so seamless you will have the feeling you have done it yourself.