Technical Support

What if the alarm on my freezer at a site on the other side of the globe goes off at 3AM?

Our technical support team is available 24/7. Once they assess the issue and if needed, they will coordinate expedited replacement no questions ask.

What if my investigator needs re-training?

We’re happy to re-train investigators on any piece of equipment, as needed by the site or the sponsor.

What if the equipment at the site needs a firmware update?

While this is extremely rare, our technical support team will collaborate with the study team around the world to perform the updates.


What if customs ask for additional documentation to release our shipment?

Our logistics team coordinates directly with customs officials to ensure neither you or the site gets involved in this process. Shipments are released fast without involving the study team.

What if taxes are required by local officials to release shipments to the site?

We always ship using DDP Incoterms (i.e. Quipment pays all duties and taxes in advance). If there are any additional questions from local officials, we’ll handle them.

What if I already have a courier account which I want Quipment to use?

We’re glad to use any courier account which you instruct us to use. Consider it done!

Project Management

What if my protocol gets terminated prior to planned study closure?

Don’t worry, there is no commitment on the rental duration. You will not be billed for unused time.

What if the equipment at the site needs calibration?

Routine checks or maintenance are included in our service package. We’ll handle these so you can focus on the study.

What if I need resupply?

You ask for this online through our portal, Quipsite. This is the fastest way to secure speedy shipments from our closest warehouse.