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With more than 200 studies in combined experience and an impressive track record of bringing new solutions to the market, the Quipment management team has an understanding of equipment management that goes beyond that of other players.

Pierre Malingrey, CEO

Pierre Malingrey has been active in clinical research for more than 10 years. As a partner of an ECG lab that has experienced high growth for a decade, he has especially focused on bringing equipment management to the highest standards. With hundreds of successful trials in his track record, Pierre founded Quipment with the vision that equipment management would experience dramatic changes with the use of new web tools combined with leading edge logistics.
  Pierre Malingrey

Valere Horath, VP, Business Development, Sales

Valere Horath has a vast international experience. Having lived years in China, the USA, Germany, UK and finally France, he has developed talent in conducting international projects. Valere has been managing hundreds of clinical trials. His ability to conduct trials in an efficient and qualitative way have lead several ECG labs to overcome the competition between them and join him in a mutualized equipment management project.
  Valere Horath