Holter ECGs

Holter ECGs

We offer Holter ECGs with a wide variety of features. We can help you find the right model, capable of monitoring up to 7 days.

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A Holter ECG monitor is a portable device used for continuous cardiac monitoring for one or more days. Long-term recording makes it possible to observe cardiac arrhythmias which could go unnoticed over a shorter period.

Most Holter ECGs  works along with an analysis/interpretation Software.


Help us find the right product for your needs!

Important points to consider before choosing an ECG Holter are:
– the number of leads (10-leads, 7, leads, 5-leads or 3-leads)
– the recording duration needed (24, 48h, 72h, 7 days, etc.)


– What is the difference between an ECG Holter and a conventional ECG recorder?

Conventional ECG machines are typically used for performing a “short” recording (usually 10 seconds) while ECG Holters are used for continuous recording and monitoring of the patient’s heart activity (24 / 48 / 72 hours or even >7 days), in order to detect any cardiac disorder.

– Can all ECG Holters record for 1 week?

No, the recording duration capability depends on the model of Holter and the type of memory card (if any). Please let us know the recording duration you need so that we can choose the right equipment for you.


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