Blood Pressure Monitors

BP Monitors

Manual or electronic, with or without a pediatric option, Quipment can provide user-friendly Sphygmomanometers/BP Monitors according to your requirements.

  • Blood Pressure Monitor Omron
  • Sphygmomanometer-Spengler


A Sphygmomanometer or Blood Pressure Monitor, is a medical device used to measure blood pressure, consisting of a relatively small monitor linked to an inflatable cuff via a plastic tube.

Manual Sphygmomanometers require the physician to manually inflate the cuff using an inflation bulb and are usualy used in conjunction with a stethoscope.

Electronic monitors however, can automatically control the cuff pressure and integrate sensors, eliminating the need for a stethoscope.


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Important points to consider before choosing a BP Monitor are:

  • the type of Sphygmomanometer: electronic or manual
  • the size of the cuffs to be provided (adults, children, etc.)


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