Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors


We offer several of the most well-known ABPMs on the market. Quipment can help you find the right model, capable of generating the measurements you need.

  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Oscar 2 Suntech

    Results are exported using a Software, allowing report generation.


Consisting of a small monitor linked to an inflatable cuff via a plastic tube, an ABPM is a portable device used for monitoring the patient’s blood pressure and heart rate at regular intervals. ABPMs permit the evaluation of cardiac risk factors. The devices can be used while patients are sleeping to  determine if a patient is a “dipper” or “non-dipper”.

ABPMs may also reduce the “White Coat Effect” where patients heart rates are elevated when in the presence of a doctor.


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Important points to consider before choosing an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor are:

  • the desired monitoring duration (usually 24 hours)
  • the size of the cuffs to be provided (Adults, Children, etc.)
  • most ABPMs work on batteries which can also been provided by Quipment if necessary


– Is software required for obtaining the BP results?

Yes, for most devices available on the market, it is necessary to use a software for downloading the measurements and generating reports. Hence, clinical sites will need to install software on their local computers. Quipment can also provide laptops to accompany these devices.


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